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Seija Kulkki

D.Sc. (Econ) Seija Kulkki is a Professor (Emerita) of Management and Organization at Aalto University School of Business, Helsinki, Finland.

Her doctoral thesis (1996) argues for Knowledge Creation of Multinational Corporations: Knowledge creation through action. In 2000-2010, she was a director (and founder) of the Center for Knowledge and Innovation Research (CKIR) at Aalto University School of Business. Her pre-examiner and opponent was Professor Ikujiro Nonaka from Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan.

In 2006, during the Finnish EU Presidency, she acted on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office of Finland and European Commission, DG: Information Technology and Media for the launching of European Network of Living Labs. The network was launched as a first step towards European Innovation System were industrial, city-based or regional innovation ecosystems may become connected to form a European-wide large-scale RDI infrastructure for collaborative experimentation and piloting of firms, academia, cities, citizens and developer communities for new information society services, technologies and businesses. Today, the network consists of 400 sites in Europe and globally. They are specialized in public engagement in research, development and innovation (RDI) for digital platforms and related services, as well as for wider transformation of cities and regions.

Recent publishings by Seija Kulkki

D.Sc.(Econ) Seija Kulkki has recently published on Cities for New Growth and Socio-economic Dynamism? The Case of Smart Cities and RDI Driven Participative Democracy and Governance in a Special Issue of International Journal of Public Administration in Digital Age (2016). She has also addressed social issues related to digitalization and open innovation with D.Sc. (Tech) Petra Turkama: Challenges of Open Innovation, Open Innovation Yearbook 2016 of European Commission DG: Connect. With Pan European Networks, D.Sc (Econ.) Kulkki discusses in February 2017 about Inclusive Transformations that benefit of public and citizen engagements as means to apply participative RDI for new human-centric forms of digital platforms based on inclusive ICT.

Seija Kulkki at Harvard University

During her Visiting Scholarship (Sept. 2016 – Febr. 2017) at Harvard University, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs her research interest relates to the changing firm-society relationship in global economy. She discusses structural transformations as coevolution of firms, industries, and societies within global economy:  what are the emerging collaborative strategies, structures, processes, and forms of governance that shape creative, innovative and transformative firm-society relationships and what are the consequent collaborative mechanisms of value and wealth creation.

D.Sc.(Econ.) Seija Kulkki works also with an experienced team for an edited book on Transdiscursive Methodologies: Philosophy and Methodology of Large-scale Experimentation in Social Sciences and Humanities.

Visiting Scholar

In Fall 1997, D. Sc. (Econ.). Seija Kulkki has been a visiting scholar at INSEAD (Fontainebleau, France), in 1998 (and later for shorter periods of time) at the Center for Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo, Japan) and both in 2000 and 2011 for one year at Stanford University (California, US) within the frame of SCANCOR (Scandinavian Consortium for Organizational Research ).

Aalto University

Seija Kulkki


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