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Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico-RSE S.p.A

Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico carries out research into the field of electrical energy with special focus on national strategic projects funded through the Fund for Research into Electrical Systems.

RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico) S.p.A. (former ERSE  and CESI RICERCA) is a private right company owned by GSE , with the mission of performing public interest R&D programs to address the national energy, environmental and economic goals, both on behalf of the Ministry of the Economic Development and in the context of EU research initiatives. About 350 technicians and researchers – and their main laboratories – carry out strategic research in the electricity and energy sector, with strong emphasis on experimental applications. The competence of RSE is widely recognized not only in Italy but all over in Europe: RSE participates in a significant number of European research projects, often in leading positions. RSE also collaborates in leading roles to important research initiatives like the implementing agreement ISGAN of the International Energy Agency and the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA).


Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE SpA, is a joint stock company, whose unique shareholder is GSE SpA, which develops research in electro-energy, with particular focus to the strategic national projects of general public interest, financed by the Italian Electricity System Research Fund (Fondo per la Ricerca di Sistema) of the Italian Economic Development Ministry.

RSE, thanks to the experience of its researchers and national and international scientific relations, implement joint activities with the system of central and local public administration, with the production system, in its broadest articulation, with the associations and clusters of small and medium-sized businesses and consumer groups.

RSE promotes and fosters the professional development by promoting every opportunity to support the conduct of training and dissemination activities related to research topics carried out. The research and development is carried out for the entire energy supply chain in an applications and experimental view, ensuring the consistent continuation of research in progress and the development of new initiatives, both organically and in response to external and market demands.

RSE has a human capital that represents a unique heritage of expertise and experience, whose support is a necessary condition to allow the development of innovation policies in an area of enormous importance for the national economy such as energy is.


The SmartNet Project

The three-year-long Horizon 2020 project SmartNet, under technical and administrative management by RSE, aims at comparing possible architectures for optimized interaction between TSOs and DSOs, including exchange of information for monitoring and acquisition of ancillary services (reserve and balancing, voltage regulation, congestion management), both for local needs and for the entire power system. Different coordination schemes for the interaction between TSO and DSO are compared on the basis of three national cases (Denmark, Italy, Spain) in order to analyse the impact of DERs’ operation on the dispatching, market layout and sequencing, signals exchanged between TSO and DSO, ICT requirements and regulatory implications. The objective is to develop an ad hoc simulation platform which models all three layers, i.e. physical network, market and ICT, in order to analyse three national cases (Italy, Denmark, Spain). Subsequently, this simulation platform (see Fig 1) will be scaled to a full replica lab, where the performance of real controller devices will be tested.

The SmartNet project includes three physical pilots for testing specific technological solutions:

  • demonstrating technical feasibility and requirements in terms of communication processes for the monitoring of the (distribution) network and enabling the participation of DER to ancillary services (Italian Pilot)
  • demonstrating the use of price signals to control the set-points of swimming pool heating systems in rental summer houses (Danish Pilot)
  • demonstrating the prospects for the DSO of using the flexibility of mobile phone base stations to reduce congestion in distribution grids, and to help the TSO maintain system balance by fixing an exchange schedule at the TSO-DSO connection point (Spanish Pilot)

Finally, policy provisions necessary to enable needed TSO-DSO interaction will be assessed and compared with present national and European regulation.

The SmartNet consortium consists of 22 partners from 9 European Countries, including TSOs (, TERNA), DSO (ENDESA, SE, Edyna), manufacturers (SELTA, SIEMENS), and telecommunication companies (VODAFONE).


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