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Faculty of Geosciences

“A sustainable Earth for future generations”

A leader in the field of Earth studies and sustainability, the Faculty of Geosciences stands for high-quality teaching in a challenging educational environment. The Faculty is an active discussion partner in the social debate.

Willem C. van Unnikgebouw


Sustainability is the central guiding theme of our research. We study the Earth in all its aspects: from the Earth’s core to its surface, including man’s spatial and material utilisation of the Earth.

Research themes

We focus in particular on the following themes:

  • Water, Climate and Ecosystems
  • Energy and Resources
  • Healthy Urban Living
  • Future Deltas

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Challenging, differentiated education

The Faculty of Geosciences offers a challenging educational environment. Every year, our programmes are highly rated in the higher education rankings. Our lecturers are highly committed to providing excellent education.

We opt for differentiation within our programmes, particularly through the organisation of Honours programmes. Moreover, we never stop looking for ways to help students perform their studies as well as possible.

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