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Unpaid carers should get council tax reductions, says LGA


The Local Government Association (LGA) is urging the government to give carers reductions on their council tax…

Councils across the country believe unpaid carers play a pivotal part in supporting the chronically underfunded adult social are system.

The LGA who represents over 370 councils in England and Wales is calling on the government to fund the setting up of a council tax discount scheme for “the unsung heroes of the care system”.

The call comes as latest figures show the adult social care system is under enormous pressure and is in urgent need of sustainable funding.

Due to this pressure and an enormous funding gap, councils are being forced to make difficult decisions about what services they can provide.

Under the new scheme, those who provide at least an hour of unpaid care a week (which would currently cost £17 on average) would be entitled to a reduction of £100 a year.

Carers contribute an estimated at £120 billion a year to the economy, and councils argue that they provide invaluable support to some of the most vulnerable in society.

Councillor Izzi Seccombe, Chair of the LGA’s Community Wellbeing Board, said: “Adult social care is in crisis. The funding gap is growing by a minimum of £700 million a year and councils are being forced to make tough decisions.

“Unpaid carers play a pivotal role in the adult social are system and it is crucial we continue to attract them and recognise and reward the sterling work they do.

“Without the additional support they provide, the system would be even more unstable.”

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