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Report says child protection services struggling


A new report states that children’s social services are so stretched that they are only able to respond to emergencies…

The report by NSPCC suggests the because of rising demand, many councils are raising the threshold at which they intervene to protect children.

The government has said it was improving child protection by cutting red tape; however, NSPCC estimates that just 1 in 9 children who are at risk are receiving support.

The report, ‘How Safe Are Our Children 2014’ says demand for support and intervention has been growing as more families are suffering financially, and more people are willing to identify abuse.

The study is based on a number of different research projects by the NSPCC over the past year.

Chief executive Peter Wanless said: “With record reporting of child abuse, hard-pressed children’s social service departments have little choice but to raise the threshold of where they act.

“This is leaving large numbers of children with no statutory support. Acting alone, children’s social services struggle to be more than an emergency service, getting involved when pain and suffering for children is already entrenched or risk is very high.

“Whilst poverty does not cause child abuse or neglect, it can put additional strain on families that are already struggling and tip them over the edge.”

The Charity would like to see greater investment in services and more support for children, but acknowledges and tough financial situation.

They believe that nursery workers, doctors, teachers and any professionals who come into contact with children should play a part.








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