• Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation

    AG (February 2017)

    “Many thanks for the opportunity to share ideas how to form healthcare from good to great – as we do in Finland!  AG is very high standard and interesting publication and with a new name even better. I look forward to working with you also in the future!”

    Pia Mörk, Communications Manager
  • Psious

    AG (November 2016)

    ¨It was a true pleasure working with Laura and AG. Thank you for the collaboration and for publishing the article that gives more awareness of the impact that Virtual Reality has on the landscape of Mental Healthcare. From the team of Psious, we are looking forward to possible common projects in the future.¨

    Anika Kuzova, Marketing Department
  • European Brain Council

    AG (November 2016)

    “Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the magazine. We are really pleased with the article featuring the European Brain Council current research study on the value of treatment for brain disorders and the importance of early diagnosis to bridge the treatment gap.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

    Vinciane QuoidbachPublic Health& Policy, Research Project Manager – Value of Treatment Research Project
  • GeneCode

    AG (November 2016)

    “Once again, thank you very much for the collaboration with GeneCode people in ‘Fine-tuning’ the text of the article – the result is really excellentI am sure that this article, showing that new efficient Parkinson`s disease treatments are in development, will be of interest to people from various institutions, organisations and companies. And of course, will give new hope for Parkinson’s patients.

    Thank you once again for the great collaboration.”

    DR. Mehis Pilv, CEO and Business Development
  • AIRC- Italian Association for Cancer Research

    AG (November 2016)

    “Thankyou  Laura, it was a pleasure working with you and I hope we will have future occasions to work together again.

    Lucia Ferrero, External Communication
  • SIOPE (the European Society for Paediatric Oncology)

    AG (August 2016)

    Collaborating with AG has been a real pleasure, as it made possible to raise awareness on the topic of childhood cancer survivorship in the framework of the European Week Against Cancer 2016. We are more than willing to continue this collaboration in the future.

    Giulia Petrarulo, SIOPE Communication Coordinator
  • French National Research Agency (ANR)

    AG (August 2016)

    Many thanks for asking me to contribute to the August number of AG. It was a pleasure to write a paper for a very inspiring magazine with plenty of excellent information

    Eléonore Dispersyn International Communications Officer
  • European Cancer Stem Cell Research Institute

    AG (May 2016)

    “Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to the magazine. We are really pleased with the finished article and look forward to working with you again in the future.”

    Jodi Cox, Communications and Marketing Officer
  • Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark

    ‘Nuclear Medicine Research’ digital e-book

    “We had a visit by our Prime Minister, Helle Thorning-Schmidt  and Minister of Health, Nick Hækkerup,  who arrived for an ultra-short visit of our Hospital to see how cancer patients are received at our Emergency Department and hear about “AgeCare”.

    “Instead of delivering a page or two written in black and white I could submit our e-book “Nuclear Medicine in Denmark” which was made electronically available to present, and I could refer to it in my presentation,  proudly knowing that those principles and important views that I couldn’t cover was nicely and professionally presented in the e-book. 

    Because of this event and the usefulness of the e-book for an occasion like this we ended being interested in an extension of our collaboration with Adjacent in the shape of a second e-book presenting some of the best recent research in Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, which in addition can be followed-up by editorials and May and August 2015.

    So, in short, we did benefit from the e-book and the very swift and professional work you deliver, and we are looking forward to the continued collaboration.

    Poul F. Høilund-Carlsen, MD, DMSci, Professor, Head of Research, Dept. of Nuclear Medicine, Odense University Hospital, Institute of Clinical Research, University of Southern Denmark
  • WHO Regional Office for Europe

    AG (February 2016)

    “Thank you for allowing WHO to highlight the seriousness of seasonal influenza and the importance of vaccination at a time when many countries in Europe are experiencing a severe season. It has been a very fruitful collaboration.”

    Dr. Caroline S. Brown, Programme Manager, Influenza & other Respiratory Pathogens


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