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  • Open Access Government February 2017

    Open Access Government - May 2017

    Open Access Government May 2017 includes articles on key topics such as health and social care, rese [...]

  • AG February 2017

    AG - February 2017

    Welcome to the February edition of AG. As it is the first one of 2017, I would like to wish all of o [...]

  • AG 12

    AG - November 2016

    The end of 2016 – and what has been an eventful year – is fast approaching. In the November edit [...]

  • AG11

    Government - August 2016

    Since the last edition of AG, some major changes have taken place in Europe, mainly in the UK. The r [...]

  • AG 10

    Government - May 2016

    The coming months could prove to be very important for the UK. In June voters will be heading to the [...]

  • Layout 1

    Government - February 2016

    Welcome to the first edition of 2016. As we head into a New Year, growth and jobs remain the key pri [...]

  • AG8

    Government - November 2015

    As we head towards the end of 2015, Europe will come together next month at a crucial meeting in Par [...]

  • AG7

    Government - August 2015

    Future challenges are always at the forefront of people’s minds, and although the future sounds fa [...]

  • AG6

    Government - May 2015

    In this May edition of AG we give thought to the key policy areas in the forefront of people’s min [...]

  • AG5

    Government - Feb 2015

    As Jean-Claude Juncker and his Commission start to settle into their role, and David Cameron and Ed [...]

  • AG4

    Government - Nov 2014

    It’s all change for Europe this month with the new President of the European Commission Jean-Claud [...]

  • AG 3

    Government - Aug 2014

    Welcome to the August edition of AG. In this summer issue, we focus on an array of topics that are h [...]

  • Layout 1

    Government - May 2014

    Welcome to the 2nd edition of AG. In this spring publication, we give thought to a number of topics [...]

  • LG1 Thumnail

    Local Government - Feb 2014

    Welcome to Adjacent Local Government where we will be examining and highlighting a host of topics of [...]