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  • Technische Universitat Chemnitz
    Faculty of Computer Science

    Computer science is of great importance in the design of our everyday life and is key in the 21st century. The faculty of computer science represents this fiel[...]

  • MoSAR
    MoSAR (Systemic modeling applied to ruminants)

    The objective of the Mosar unit is to understand, characterize and predict the relationship between the farm animal and its food environment in order to develop[...]

  • Skhincaps Project
    Skhincaps Project

    SKHINCAPS – “SKin Healthcare by Innovative NanoCAPsuleS” is a research project aiming to develop customised and safe nanocapsules to deliver novel produc[...]

  • Biodiversity Institute
    University of Florida Biodiversity Institute

    The mission of the Biodiversity Institute is to conduct high-quality research and develop programs to advance biodiversity The variety and abundance of plants,[...]

  • North America Analysis
  • Cranfield University - Woman as Leaders Programme